Bohemian 19

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Cottage 28

beach, venice, cottage, bungalow, americana, wood beam, beams, wood floor, wood floors, clean, white, lots of light, beach, beach house, beachside, deck, porch, ocean, ocean view,

Modern 292

modern, venice, mar vista, pool, modern pool, concrete, poured concrete, poured concrete wall, concrete wall, lots of light, light, space, lots of space, empty, open, minimal, minimalist, retro, mid century modern, deck, firepit, fireplace

Modern 303

modern, swing, tree swing, treeswing, driveway, modern, mar vista, venice, art, modern art, contemporary art, kitchen, light, lots of light, gray brick, cold brick, colorful, homey, texture, stone,

Modern 193

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Modern 249

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Bungalow 32

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Modern Venice Chic

venice, multistory, americana, modern, stairs, bars, bright, lots of light, colorful, car port, wallpaper, deck, geometric, wood floors, wood floor, tile, view, views, city view, warm, beautiful, bright,

Modern 250

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