Miami 72

private gate, private property, brick herringbone driveway, private driveway, 3 car garage, exterior wood moulding, large wood double doors, kitchen island, open living room, high ceilings, book shelves, walk in shower, wood panel office, stone fireplace, exposed wood ceiling, vaulted ceiling, recessed lights, piano, persian rug, covered patio, outdoor ceiling fan, pillars, columns, dock, brick herringbone backyard, dark windows, sliding glass windows, white rails, dock

Retro 80

r-080,r080, retro, garage port, garage, dining room, living room, fireplace, atrium, well furnished, natural lighting, natural light, interior white brick wall, exposed wood beam ceilings, windows, sliding glass windows, gravel paths, white painted house, orange front door, open floor plan, faded interior windows, Mexican river rocks, drive port,

Palm Springs 42

ps42, ps 42, ps-42, Palm Springs modern, desert landscaping, pool with lawn, close mountains, natural light, small lawn, well furnished, high ceilings, sliding glass windows, kitchen island, stone walls, artwork, paintings, stone fireplace,

Palm Springs 35

ps35, ps 35, ps-35, open, lots of glass, lots of light, kidney, retro, large open yard, natural light, clean white patio furniture, sliding glass windows, retro furniture, retro kitchen, isolated bathtub, stone front wall, large front wood door, large step-in shower