Beach 126

Spanish 121

Retro 3

floor to ceiling windows, lots of glass, lawn, lawn to pool, blue tiles, blue wall tiles, outdoor living area, wood patio, outdoor staircase, entrance, outdoor entrance, large driveway, carport, fireplace, top deck, 2nd floor deck, glass railing, modern bathroom, bright interiors, open living space,

Modern 61

tall ceilings, outdoor living room, outdoor living area, pool, pools, wood deck, wood, large living area, open areas, open rooms, bbq, staircase, spiral staircase, kids rooms, stone firepit, kitchen, roof patio, roof deck, furnished rooftop, walk-in closet, walk in closet, home office, modern stairs

Medit 21

md-21, md21, md, circular driveway, porch, large driveway, driveway with view, westside, infinity pool, ocean view, circular driveway, view, pool with view, long driveway, hot tub, detached hot tub, hot tub with view, glass doors, two door garage, large windows, lots of windows, furniture, poolside furniture, wood gate, outdoor living area, outdoor living space, outdoor covered space, pillars, courtyard space, courtyard,