Restaurant 5

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Palm Springs 22

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Americana 145

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Warehouse 11

w-011, w011, Big Windows, Large Windows, High Ceilings, Tall Ceilings, Wood Beams, Wood Beam Ceilings, Skylight, Sky Light, Skylights, Sky Lights, Bench, Benches, Hanging Light, Hanging Lights, Potted Plant, Potted Plants, Sitting Area, Rope, Ropes, Spa, Sauna, Steamroom, Steam Room, Massage, Massage Room, Massage Rooms, Big Steel Door, Fire Door, Yoga, Yoga Studio, Cool, Chic, Open Floor Plan, Clean, Mural, Murals, Polka Dot Mural, Parking Lot, Motorcourt, Motor Court

Palm Springs 53

ps53, ps 53, ps-53, polynesian hut, statuettes, fire pits, shallow pool, polynesian, outdoor tiki bar, sliding glass walls, open floor plan, high ceilings, natural light, recessed lights, putting green, wine refrigerator, stone fireplace, trey ceilings, artwork, paintings, murals, well furnished, tinted windows, industrial refrigerator, kitchen island, ceiling fan, vessel sink, tile fireplace, glass front door, long driveway, tropical,

Palm Springs 57

ps57, ps 57, ps-57, courtyard, brick courtyard, brick fireplace, lamppost, cinder block wall, grassy knoll, brick patio, brick staircase, ranch style house, covered patio, well furnished, artwork, paintings, murals, piano, moulding fireplace, french doors, pool table, ceiling fan, recessed lights, industrial stove, industrial oven, kitchen island, industrial refrigerator, exposed bath tub,

Miami 90

courtyard, brick courtyard, flamingo statues, statues, front patio, iron gate, wrought iron front door, corinthian columns, curve wrought iron staircase, persian rugs, high ceilings, recessed lights, chandeliers, paintings, artwork, piano, large arch windows, murals, arch windows, brick poolside patio, boat, small lawn, covered patio, outdoor ceiling fan,

Miami 69

corner property, jungle gym, villa, covered patio, dock, boat, french doors, ceiling fan, wood ceiling, columns, pillars, outdoor grill, large living room, high ceilings, exposed wood beam ceiling, paintings, murals, open floor plan, instruments, rustic entertainment room, leather couches, recessed lights, natural lighting, isolated bathtub, wood kitchen cabinets, vaulted ceilings, industrial refrigerator, industrial oven, industrial stove, kitchen island, secret garden, brick driveway, brick drive port, private driveway, gated property, exterior staircase, guest house, wooden gate,

Miami 50

art deco house, tall hedges, private, hedges surrounding pool, artwork, paintings, murals, Marilyn Monroe, hedges surrounding driveway, glass framed front door, tall windows, semi-circular balcony, semi-circular bedrooms, marble mantel, marble fireplace, chandelier, retro furniture, circular rooms, colorful drapes, black kitchen,

Miami 30

dock, boat, exposed beam ceiling, artwork, vases, paintings, small lawn, small 4-leaf clover shape pool, dome awning, wicker furniture, Spanish tile floors, iron handrails, jukebox, chandeliers, arch windows, ceiling fan, throw rugs, crown moulding, open window dining room, courtyard, columns, pillars, drapes, murals, planters, brick herringbone entrance, iron gate front door, secret garden, brick herringbone circular driveway, drive port, palm tree driveway island, tower,

Miami 24

long herringbone brick driveway, large wooden archway door, Spanish tile brick tiles, courtyard, french doors, city view from balcony, boat, dock, wood deck patio, planters, stone tile benches, stone tile table, french windows, columns, pillars, iron chandelier, rustic, ceiling fans, paintings, murals, wooden furniture, patio overhang, high ceilings, exposed beam ceiling

Retro 95

South Pasadena, stone wall, rock wall, front entrance, entryway, grass, lawn, fireplace, white, piano, bookshelf, bookshelves, kitchen, simple, clean, open floor plan, large pine tree, retro, modern, retro entrance overhang, large windows, wood glass front door, entrance courtyard, black marble fireplace, grand piano, book shelves, recessed lighting, natural lighting, large windows, artwork, paintings, murals, kitchen island, sliding walls, track lights, long driveway, wood fence, large driveway,

Miami 10

Spanish floor tile driveway, gated private property, large iron gate, large gate, gate, statues, lion statues, courtyard, large planters, Greek statues, columns, pillars, artwork, detailed architecture, Italian villa, large drive port, drive port, balconies, balcony, arched columns, cabana, cabana with ceiling fan, exposed wood ceiling, marble floors, dock, Greek style swimming pool, large planters, planters, secret garden, sundeck with ocean and city view, paintings, murals, wood crown moulding, crown moulding, wall art, well furnished, chandelier, pool table, ceiling moulding, wood beams, piano, cast iron front doors, drapes, long driveway, mediterranean villa, large outdoor vases,

Exotic 34

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Mansion 28

events, fountain, lion statues, proscenium stage, performance space, sunroom, exotic pool 

Americana 206