Bungalow 13


bright rooms, leather couch, hipster, plants, indoor plants, clean, minimalist, minimalism, wood bench, retro fireplace, smoke stack, typewriter, wall of picture frames, hanging guitar, record player, small patio, wood fence,

Bohemian 10

Tree house, wood panel, wood, tree, house, treehouse, dark wood, cabin, mountain view, mountain, mountains, rustic, private, warm, hippie, bohemian, daybed, day bed, office, home office, big windows, large windows, huge windows, lots of windows, a lot of windows, alot of windows, lots of light, a lot of light, alot of light, plants, indoor plants, hanging plants, deck, small deck, wooden deck. dark wood deck,

Palm Springs 63

orange door, orange front door, retro white home, white walls, hedges, black chaise chairs, cactus, indoor plants, mid century modern fireplace, malm fireplace, retro fireplace, canopy daybed, small living room,

Medit 77

Big Windows, Large Windows, Floor to Ceiling Windows, Ceiling to Floor Windows, Umbrella, Umbrellas, Pool Umbrella, Pool Umbrellas, Indoor Plant, Indoor Plants, Indoor Planter, Indoor Planters, Pillar, Pillars, Column, Columns, Foyer, Porch, Path, Paths, Pathway, Path Way, Pathways, Path Ways, Frontyard, Front Yard, Driveway, Drive Way, Driveup, Drive Up