Santa Barbara 64


Big Windows, Large Windows,

Lots of Light, Alot of Light, A lot of Light,

Natural Light,

Floor to Ceiling Windows

Patio Furniture, Umbrella, Umbrellas,

Firepit, Fire Pit,

Porch, Front Porch, Back Porch,

Outdoor shower

Stairs, Stairway, Staircase, Stair Case,

Kitchen Island,


Playroom, Play Room,

Gameroom, Game Room,

Billiard, Billiards,

Billiard Table, Billiards Table,

Four-post Bed, Four post Bed, Four poster bed

Driveway, Drive Way, Driveup, Drive Up, Long Driveway, Long Drive Way, Long Driveup,Long Drive Up,

Guesthouse, Guest House,

Luxury, Luxurious, Opulent, Elegant


Clean Lines,