Ranch 41

ranch, donkey, flagpole, barn, basketball court, cactus, cacti, hedges, pool, stables, saloon, cowboy, stone walls, stone wall kitchen, kitchen island, fireplace, antler chandelier, waterslide, pool, home gym, driveway, above ground pool

School 1

Big Windows, Large Windows, Classroom, Classrooms, Class Room, Class Rooms, Science Room, Chemistry Room, Blackboard, Black Board, Chalkboard, Chalk Board, Plaza, Outdoor Plaza, Locker, Lockers, College, University, Path, Paths, Pathway, Path Way, Pathways, Path Ways, Hallway, Hall Way, Hallways, Hall Ways, Library, Bookshelf, Bookshelves, Book Shelves, Book Shelfs, Dining Area, Cafeteria, Chapel, Stained Glass, Parking Lot, Flagpole, Flag Pole, Circular Driveway, Circular Drive Way, Circular Driveup, Circular Drive Up

Miami 21

columns, pillars, plants, vegetation, flagpole, grand piano, throw rug, french doors, antique wooden furniture, paintings, drapes, natural lighting, bust, wood frame archways, chandelier, wicker furniture,

Retro 137

R137, R-137, r, Film LA, City View, the valley, rock wall, stone wall, rock fireplace, stone fireplace, bookshelf, bookshelves, normal, traditional, grass with view, lawn with view, deck

English 5

Big Windows, Large Windows, High Ceilings, Tall Ceilings, Wood Beams, Wood Beam Ceilings, Garage, Driveway, Drive Way, Driveup, Drive Up, Long Driveway, Long Drive Way, Long Driveup, Long Drive Up, Motorcourt, Motor Court, Flagpole, Flag Pole, Overhang, Over Hang, Porch, Frontporch, Front Porch, Fireplace, Fire Place, Chimney, Stairs, Staircase, Cool, Old Pasadena, Historic, Chandelier, English 5, English 05, English 005, English-5, English-05, English-005, mansion, mansions

Americana 198