Mansion 122

Santa Barbara 67

Farm, ranch, ranch style, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara ranch, Santa Barbara 67, Santa Barbara-67, Santa Barbara-067, open fields, fields, farm land, horses, farm house, cattle, ranch house, stable, mountains, hills, small lake, lake, pond, soggy dry lake,

Vermont 2

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Exotic 43

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Vermont 1

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Texas 2

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Ranch 57

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Bohemian 5

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New York 17

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Craftsman 12

High Ceilings, Tall Ceilings, Wood Beams, Wood Beam Ceilings, Open, Field, Fields, Grass, Hill, Hills, Shed, Piano, Stairs, Staircase, Stairway, Stair Way, Step, Steps, Kitchen Island, Playroom, Play Room, Gameroom, Game Room, Girls Bedroom, Girl’s Bedroom, Childrens Bedroom, Children’s Bedroom, Childs Bedroom, Child’s Bedroom, Kid’s Bedroom, Kids Bedroom, White Fence, Driveway, Drive Way, Driveup, Drive Up, Long Driveway, Long Drive Way, Long Diveup, Long Drive Up, Motorcourt, Motor Court

Ranch 54

Wood Beams, Wood Beam Ceilings, Ranchhouse, Ranch House, Fireplace, Fire Place, Chimney, Storage Room, Fence, River, Creek, Field, Fields, Path, Paths, Pathway, Path Way, Pathways, Path Ways

Long Island 11

Fence, Fences, Wood Fence, Wood Fences, Stable, Stables, Ranchhouse, Ranch House, Farmhouse, Farm House, Farm, Vegetable Garden, Fireplace, Fire Place, Chimney, Field, Fields, Trailer, Driveway, Drive Way, Driveup, Drive Up, Long Driveway, Long Drive Way, Long Driveup, Long Drive Up

Cooper Ranch

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