Exotic 5

Mansion 122

Vermont 2

barn, red barn, huge, huge fields, sprawling, meadow, meadows, field, fields, open, open meadow, pond, hot tub, jacuzzi, woods, forest, snow, garden, formal garden, picket fence, fence, nature, natural, pool, pillars, massive, gate, driveway, colonial, overgrown, guest house, main house, traditional, piano, grand piano, roman pillars, roman, trees, tree, season, seasons, bonfire, fireplace, cabin, snow, fall, winter, landing, hearth, library, bunk beds, bedrooms, beds, stunning, secret passage, classic, bell, flag poles, flag pole, lantern, lanterns, grass, patio furniture, patio, patio chair, lounge chair, flags, vaulted ceiling, vaulted ceilings, high ceiling, high ceilings

Bohemian 7

High Ceilings,

Tall Ceilings,

Patio Furniture, Umbrella, Umbrellas,

Porch, Front Porch, Back Porch,

Vegetable Garden,

Walkway, Walk Way,

Path, Paths,

Pathway, Path Way, Pathways, Path Ways,

Outdoor shower

Dirt road,

Stairs, Stairway, Staircase, Stair Case,

Wood Stairs, Wood Staircase, Wooden Staircase,

Kitchen Island,


Kid’s Bedroom, Kids Bedroom,

Wood Beams,

Wood Beam Ceilings,

Bookshelf, Bookshelves, Book Shelf, Book Shelves,

Vermont 1

vermont, mansion, mansions, plantation, colonial, ground, grounds, yard, yards, field, fields, deck, veranda, porch, plantations, hedge, hedges, ornate, stairway, pool, pool room, billiard, billiards, billiard room, high society, crest, windowseat, tub, bathtub, large, spacious,

Casa Blanca

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Texas 2

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Ranch 57

Ranch 57, Ranch-57, Ranch 057, Ranch-057, Mountain, Mountains, Hill, Hills, Creek, Pond, Wagon, Wood Wagon, Fence, Path, Paths, Pathway, Path Way, Pathways, Path Ways, Animal Pen, Animal Pens, Horse Horses, Zebra, Zebras, Chicken, Chickens, Chicken Coup, Chicken Coupe, Chicken Coups, Chicken Coupes, Turkey, Turkeys, Camel, Camels, Emu, Emus, Goat, Goats, Pig, Pigs, Bird, Birds, Macaw, Macaws, Chinchilla, Chinchillas, Lizard, Lizards, Reptile, Reptiles, Tortoise, Tortoises, Bench, Benches, Mine, Collapsed Mine, Gold Mine, Collapsed Gold Mine, Field, Fields, Driveway, Drive Way, Driveup, Drive Up, Long Driveway, Long Drive Way, Long Driveup, Long Drive Up, Motorcourt, Motor Court, events

School 19

School-19, School-019, School 019, Big Windows, Large Windows, Floor to Ceiling Windows, Ceiling to Floor Windows, Wood Beams, Wood Beam Ceilings, High Ceilings, Tall Ceilings, Pillar, Pillars, Column, Columns, Stairs, Staircase, Stairway, Stair Way, Step, Steps, Path, Paths, Pathway, Path Way, Pathways, Path Ways, Track and Field, Track, Field, Football Field, Football, Soccer Field, Soccer, Futball Field, Futball, Chapel, Laboratory, Chemistry, Chemistry Lab, Chemistry Laboratory, Volleyball, Volleyball Court, Racquetball, Racquetball Court, Stage, Auditorium, Ceramics, Ceramics Room, Driveway, Drive Way, Driveup, Drive Up, Long Driveway, Long Drive Way, Long Driveup, Long Drive Up