Americana 208

Americana 208, Americana-208, Big Windows, Large Windows, Wood Beams, Wood Beam Ceilings, Swimming Pool, Pool, Garage, Stairs Staircase, Stairway, Stair Way, Fireplace, Fire Place, Chimney, Bathtub, Backyard, Two Story, Two Stories, Two Story House, Multi Story, Multi Story House, Driveway, Drive Way, Driveup, Drive Up

Americana 114

americana 114, americana-114, deck, view, white, hillside, stairs, staircase, stairway, stair way, spiral staircase, big windows, large windows, kitchen island, bar stool, tub, bathtub, bath tub, balcony, walk in closet, mountain view, driveway, outside heater, two story, two stories, two story house, multi story, multi story house

Studio 10

Wood Beams, Wood Beam Ceilings, Open Floor Plan, White Wall, Garage Door, Stairs, Staircase, Stairway, Stair Way, Bathtub, Bath Rub, Cabana, Grill, Barbecue, BBQ, Outdoor Grill, Outdoor Barbecue, Outdoor BBQ, Gate, Parking Lot

Modern 138

m138, m-138, view, patio, bluff, cliff, open sky, open view, lots of sky, windows, big windows, lots of windows, lots of glass, lots of light, open floor plan, open, airy, stone bathtub, tub, bathtub, bath tub

The Regent

Mn-21, Mn21, Topiary, Piano, Porch, Vines, Picnic, Courtyard, Court Yard, Gravel Driveway, Gravel Drive Way, Gravel Driveup, Gravel Drive Up, Bathtub, Bay Window, Infinity Pool, Hedge, Hedges, Fountain, Driveway, Drive Way, Driveup, Drive Up, Long Driveway, Long Drive Way, Long Driveup, Long Drive Up, Motorcourt, Motor Court, Kate Hudson, Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Kate Hudson, Heroes, Vanity Fair, Katherine Heigl, Vanity Fair Katherine Heigl

Craftsman 14

pool, craftsman, craftsman house, exotic, rocks, exotic rocks, beams, wooden beams, exposed beams, wood, wooden house, colorful, color, colorful walls, fireplace, bathtub, bed, lagoon, pond, koi pond, koi fish

Old Hollywood 9

marble fireplace, patterned wood floors, marble bathroom, bathtub, long hallways, film noir, view, rooftop, downtown, downtown view, art deco, bar, art deco bar, bed,

Modern 151

m151, m-151, architectural, bathroom tile, firepit, fire pit, fire place, fireplace, kitchen island, sauna steam room, bathroom, tub, bath tub, bathtub, fireplace, driveway, drive way, driveup, drive up, motorcourt, motor court, modern gate,

Wing House

m10, m-10, david hertz house, wing house, 747 airplane wing house, architectural, open floor plan, wings, lots of glass, lots of light, floor to ceiling windows, floor to ceiling glass, bright, airy, bathtub, bath tub, shower, showers, outdoor shower, the human contract

Castle 6

walls, ramparts, towers, fortress, open grounds, courtyard, terrace, bathtub, walkways, pathways, stairs, staircase, stairway, arches, archways, billiards, Castle, 06, 6, Castle 06, Castle 6, Castle-06, Castle-6, events

Cape Cod 17

Wood Beams, Wood Beam Ceilings, Guesthouse, Guest House, Guesthouses, Guest Houses, Bench, Stone Bench, Stone Benches, Stairs, Stairway, Staircase, Stair Case, Stone Stairs, Path, Paths, Pathway, Path Way, Pathways, Path Ways, Fireplace, Fire Place, Chimney, Childrens Bedroom, Children’s Bedroom, Childs Bedroom, Child’s Bedroom, Kids Bedroom, Kid’s Bedroom, Pillar, Pillars, Column, Columns, Frontyard, Front Yard, Bathtub, Bath Tub, Outdoor Bathtub, Outdoor Bath Tub, Bridge, Wooden Bridge, Gate, Arch, Arches, Archway, Arch Way, Archways, Arch Ways, Driveway, Drive Way, Driveup, Drive Up, Motorcourt, Motor Court

Mansion 11

Americana 100

a-100, a100, a, americana 100, americana-100, bathtub, westside, hillside, nature, stone steps, stairs, staircase, kids room, kid’s room, boy’s room, boys’ room, pool, stone pool, tropical pool, waterfall, waterfall pool, natural pool, nature pool, trees, tree, bushes, nature, tree swing, stone, big windows, large windows, stone patio, poolside patio, stairs, white, warm colors, neutral colors, indoor outdoor, windowed doors, double doors, balcony, rod iron railing, iron railing, art, artwork, paintings, bathroom, master bedroom,  girl’s room, pink room, wallpaper, blue wallpaper, striped wallpaper, kitchen, large kitchen, green sofa, green couch, candle fixtures, candles, wall mounted candles, kitchen island, center island, entertainment center, entertainment wall, beautiful backyard, landscaping, landscaped backyard, treehouse, wood treehouse, ladder, two story, two stories, two story house, multi story, multi story house