Medit 102

pool, swimming pool, backyard, back yard, driveway, walkway, trees, plants, large windows, Mediterranean style, arch, arch windows, arch door, chandelier, sculpture, stone sculpture, carpet, vases, plant vases, plant wall, vertical garden

Ranch 24

Swimming Pool, Pool, Trees, View, Mountain View, Dirt Road, Open Area, Fence, Fences, Balcony, Backyard, Back Yard, Arch Windows, Arch Door, Staircase, Stair Case, Stairway, Stair Way, Arch, arch, Fireplace, Fire Place, Open Grass Areas, Large Fields, Large Windows, Stables, Horse Stable, Meadow, Pathways, Driveway, events

Miami 90

courtyard, brick courtyard, flamingo statues, statues, front patio, iron gate, wrought iron front door, corinthian columns, curve wrought iron staircase, persian rugs, high ceilings, recessed lights, chandeliers, paintings, artwork, piano, large arch windows, murals, arch windows, brick poolside patio, boat, small lawn, covered patio, outdoor ceiling fan,

Retro 99

r99 r-99 r, outdoor fireplace, fireplace, brick fireplace, french doors, funky kitchen, colorful kitchen, gazebo, pavilion, rooftop patio, outdoor dining, stucco. colorful, creative, retro furniture, natural light, arch windows, throw rugs, ceiling fans, pictures, paintings, parasol dining room, retro kitchen, kitchen nook, iron handrails, adobe interior, secret garden, bamboo trees, cherry blossom, poolside wood deck,

Miami 47

glass pane door, glass pane windows, Persian rugs, moulded fireplace, well furnished, iron handrails, chandelier, high ceiling, recessed lights, crown moulding, industrial refrigerator, industrial oven, industrial stove, hanging lights, kitchen island, marble countertops, wood kitchen cabinets, arch windows, villa, pillars, columns,

Miami 30

dock, boat, exposed beam ceiling, artwork, vases, paintings, small lawn, small 4-leaf clover shape pool, dome awning, wicker furniture, Spanish tile floors, iron handrails, jukebox, chandeliers, arch windows, ceiling fan, throw rugs, crown moulding, open window dining room, courtyard, columns, pillars, drapes, murals, planters, brick herringbone entrance, iron gate front door, secret garden, brick herringbone circular driveway, drive port, palm tree driveway island, tower,

Miami 33

modern, clean, dock, large wood dock, boat, jet ski, small lawn, outdoor grill, large wooden glass arch doors, high ceilings, natural lighting, glass plated wood handrails, artwork, paintings, open living room, ocean view from living room, arch windows, arch doors, recessed lights, wood panel fireplace, circular wood panel bar, piano, well furnished, chandelier, industrial stove, industrial stove, wine refrigerator, kitchen island, isolated bathtub, above the counter sink, driveway, drive port, private driveway, semicircular driveway, wooden gate, projection theater, modern interior,

Manhattan 66

old industrial kitchen, detailed wood fireplace, ballroom, dining room, long spiral staircase, chateau, coffered ceilings, arch windows, ivy covered walls, french doors, french windows, courtyard, stain glass windows, library, adam style ceilings, Chiampo Marble Fireplace, white ballroom, high ceilings, large arch wood doors, iron fences, marble stone archway, mansion, mansions, events

Manhattan 67

hallway, hall way, corridor, tile bathroom, tiled bathroom, black and white, designed floors, crown molding, white rooms, white room, fire place, fire mantels, large windows, natural light, design wallpaper, arch windows, events

Spanish 8

s-008, s008, pebble floor, duplex, piano, arch windows, heavy wooden door, outdoor fireplace, long driveway, spanish 8, spanish 08, spanish 008, spanish-8, spanish-08, spanish-008, green house , green, greenhouse